This video is a part of the film “Charlie and the chocolate factory”.

I also read it as a book, and I was so excited when I knew that the book was filmed. As a child, I thought the story was really fascinating.

I know some of the scenes are a bit unpleasant, but I often imagine how it would feel to visit Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

The videos below are the trailer of the film “Charlie and the chocolate factory” and the entrance scene to the factory.


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  1. Hey 🙂 I love the movie Charlie and the Chocolate factory! I actually watched it with my sister the other night, and there are some leessons to learn from the movie too! i enjoyed it very much 🙂 thanks for shasring the video 😉


  2. Thanks Yena. I like how that video combines both your interests^. It also is related to my interest in film music. Danny Elfman composed the music for that film, and he’s one of my favourite composers. I really like this song from that film:


  3. What a surprise!! I also recently watched the “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” again! Even the movie was released 9 years ago, I felt it was still great. The CG, actors, and lessons.. everything is so wonderful! So surprised and happy to find we have common in movie taste 😉


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