Major supermarket bans candy from checkouts (23rd May, 2014)

Major supermarket bans candy from checkouts (23rd May, 2014)

Summary: The giant Supermarket, Tesco, in UK, had decided to remove all the sweets from in front of the checkouts from end of 2014. This decision was affected by the customer survey, for the survey result shows that the customers do not want to be tempted by sugary snacks. This decision was welcomed by the Britain’s Public Health Minister and moreover, the reaction from the parenting website was also positive. The ban of candy from chechouts will reduce obesity and ill-health of the customers.

Opinion: I personally support Tesco’s decision to get rid of sweets from the checkouts. I am one of the customers who end up picking up sweets in front of the checkouts while waiting on the line. Therefore, Tesco did sacrifice itself for the people’s health. It wouldn’t have been easy since the fortune that sweets in front of the checkouts would not be negligible. As supermarkets that have such health thoughts increase, the obesity problem would be solved, yet most of the supermarkets still prefer to earn money than to protect our health.

Link:  This is a commercial of Tesco

This is another article about the same issue.

Snow Dictionary

“Popping into a shop with a small child…can sometimes feel like navigating an assault course.”

  • Definition: An assault by an army is a strong attack made on an area held by the enemy.
  • Korean Equivalent: 유격 훈련
  • Synonyms: aggression, invasion
  • Antonyms: retreat
  • Personal Sentence: People escaped from the assault of the army, early in the morning.
A spokeswoman from the parenting website told the BBC that Tesco’s move was “positive” and would make life “that little bit easier”.
  • Definition: A spokesperson is a person who speaks as the representative of a group or organization
  • Korean Equivalent: 대변인
  • Synonyms: spokesman, mouth, agent, talker
  • Personal Sentence: The spokeswoman from the minstry of education started to explain the new education policy.

Major supermarket bans candy from checkouts (23rd May, 2014)”에 대한 3개의 생각

  1. Interesting article. I remember when I studied a law subject at university, we talked about a case in which a young child picked up and ate a piece of candy that was next to the checkout counter. The mother refused to pay. The mother was punished because the court determined that she had no intention to buy the candy and her child was too young to know the rules about buying products. It was an interesting case. Good summary. Just remember you don’t need “and” before “moreover”. …. Minister; moreover, the reaction….
    Hope that helps.


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