Tom Cruise’s son makes movie debut

Tom Cruise’s son makes movie debut

Summary: Connor Cruise, the son of Hollywood star Tom Cruise, was known to appear in the movie “Seven pounds”, starred by Will Smith. Connor appears as Will Smith’s character when he was young. Tom Cruise said that his son is doing it by his own and he is very proud of his son, but according to the media. However, Connor Cruise didn’t appear much in the film nor did he speak much; therefore, people assumed that he did get some advantage from the fact that his dad and Will Smith are the best friends.

My Opinion: Even though “Seven Pounds” was filmed a few years ago, I think this article is worth posting because there are a lot of similar issues in these days. Many of the celebrities’ kids take advantages just because they are the children of famous people. They easily get a role for a movie or tv shows compared to those whose parents are not famous. Even though Tom Cruise said his son did it on his own and he is very proud of it, I think Tom Cruise being his father did give Connor some advantage. There are a lot of young people who are wishing to be an actor or actress, and struggling to appear on the screen; however, many of them find it very challenging because those who are already famous in the other fields or have celebrity parents get the chance first. It is very important for the movie makers to consider casting those who are really talented, regardless of their parents or families.

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In seven days, God created the world. In seven seconds, I shattered mine.

Snow Dictionary  

Tom Cruise has done his best to shield his son from the limelight.

  • Definition: If someone is in the limelight, a lot of attention is being paid to them, because they are famous or because they have done something very unusual or exciting.
  • Korean equivalent: 각광
  • Synonyms: spotlight, publicity, fame
  • Antonyms: obscurity
  • Personal Sentence: He retired from his actor life to stay out of the limelight.

Hollywood is now full of gossip and rumours about who will get the first exclusive Connor Cruise interview.

  • Definition: If you describe something as exclusive, you mean that it is limited to people who have a lot of money or who belong to a high social class, and is therefore not available to everyone.
  • Korean equivalent: 독점적인
  • Synonyms: absoulte, unique, private
  • Antonyms: public, shared, open
  • Personal Sentence: The biggest room in the hotel is exclusive for the VIP guests.




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