Colin Stokes: How movies teach manhood

Summary: The speaker watched “The Wizard of Oz” with his daughter, and started to raise question about the role of women in movies. Women used to play central roles in movies long ago, but in these days, like in “Star Wars”, women are appeared to be powerless and minor compared to men. Females rarely appear as protagonists as well. As problem like sexual violence is getting serious, it is important for boys to learn what “being manly” really means, and work together with girls equally.

Opinion: I have not watched all the movies metioned in the video, but I understand that many movies these days are dominated by men. Although both genders seem to be treated equally in these days, I realized that we still do need to improve the roles of women. As women are kept on being described as passive characters by filmmakers, I think those characters somehow affects people’s minds in the way of treating men superior to women. It was very impressive how the speaker emphasized both men and women should cooperate in equal status, and make the world better.


Emma Watson, who played Hermione the heroine in Harry Potter, giving a speech as a feminist.

I think it is right that I should be able to make my own desicions about my own body.

Snow Dictionary:

 They are doing a phenomenal job of teaching girls how to defend against the patriarchy, but they are not necessarily showing boys how they’re supposed to defend against the patriarchy.

  • Definition: Patriarchy is a system in which men have all or most of the power and importance in a society or group.
  • Korean Equivalent: 가부장제
  • Synonym: bossiness
  • Antonym: Democracy
  • Personal sentence: In these days, some of the families still follow patriarchy.

It pretty much flunks the Bechdel test.

  • Definition:  If you flunk an exam or a course, you fail to reach the required standard.
  • Korean Equivalent: 낙제하다
  • Synonyms: fail, drop out
  • Antonyms: pass
  • Personal sentence: Before I received the report card, I prayed not to flunk any of the subjects.

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