Why is it sad and lonely women who turn to chocolate?

Why is it sad and lonely women who turn to chocolate?

Summary: In films and TV shows, women who are badly stressed are often eating excessive amount of chocolates. They are distressed, dumped or hopeless and need some comfort from sugar. Those contents that include stressed women eating chocolate like crazy describe eating chocolate as if it is something “naughty”. The love of chocolate can be described as children’s, but never as male adults’.  In addition, women frequently appear as witches if they own a sweetshop. This can be observed from the films such as “The Wicker Man” and Hansel and Gretel.

Opinion: This article mainly provides examples of films that show stressed women who are obsessed with chocolate, or witches who brandish chocolate. I did know that many girls reduce their stress by eating sweet stuff, but I didn’t realise that the connection between chocolates and women in people’s mind is this strong. Although sad and lonely women do turn to chocolate in reality, it is an old cliche to consider chocolate as women’s. I think the author wanted to criticize the cliche through this article. Obviously, anyone can turn to chocolate when they are stressed, and it is not a taboo.This old cliche does need to be improved, in order that people to break the meaningless stereotype that chocolate is a female food, and they eat it when they are out of control.

Snow dictionary:

Adverts, too, propagate this mythology, although they take it to the opposite extreme.

  • Korean Equivalent: 전파하다, 선전하다
  • Definition: If people propagate an idea or piece of information, they spread it and try to make people believe it or support it.
  • Synonym: originate, produce, increase, make pregnant
  • Antonym: hide, conceal, decrease, kill
  • Personal Sentence: The newspaper company intentionaly propagated the scandal about two movie stars.

Plus, while we’re on the topic of children and sweets, it’s also worth noting that, in a tradition that dates all the way back to Hansel and Gretel, if you’re a woman in a film and you’re giving out confectionery, you could well be a witch.

  • Korean Equivalent: 과자류, 단 음식
  • Definition: Confectionery is sweets and chocolates.
  • Synonym: sweets, chocolates
  • Antonym:
  • Personal Sentence: Women and children are main target customers of confectionery industries.

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  1. I love chocolates 😉 and sometimes I also wondered why sad women always eat chunks of chocolates in the movies and TV programs. There are people who only eat a piece of chocolate a day too right? 😀 (not me though lol )


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