James Cameron: Before Avatar … a curious boy

Summary: James Cameron, the director of films ‘Terminator’, ‘Aliens’, ‘The Abyss’, and ‘Avatar’ gives a speech about his challenges as a filmmaker. In the past, he was a very curious child who called himself a ‘science geek’. He even became a scuba diver at age of 15 due to his love of marine lives. His love of drawing, paining, reading and science made him become a filmmaker. When he filmmed ‘The Abyss’, he caught the audiences mesmerized by the CG. Since then, the filmmaker started to embrace the CG into all of his films. The CG, which he called a magic, was taken much farther in ‘Terminator 2’, and had the same result with audiences. He decided to create a whole new world with the CG effect. His desire for it is shown in films ‘Titanic’ and ‘Avatar’. He did all the expedition prior to filming himself (with his team), and during the process, he thought it was “really cool”. After the success of ‘Titanic’, he created a little flying robot, and explored the wreck of Titanic with it in order to observe marine life. Later, he got interested in space science, and he even created documentary films about space science. While creating the documentary films, he learned what a true leadership is. He applied the same principle of leadership when he made ‘Avatar’.

Opinion: Through the Ted Talk, I was actually deeply impressed by James Cameron’s passion for his career.I respect his courage to start on a field that nobody had touched before. Even though Avatar did make a lot of fortune worldwide, I don’t think that was not the goal of James Cameron. He was pursuing his goal and he wanted to feel the thrill of converting his imagination into a visible content. I also learned that his big success did not just appear out of nothing. He did try almost everything he could do and he loved what he was doing, no matter they were successful or not. Whenever I make a goal and work for it, I should not get easily frustrated like I do now. I will take the risk, and and not be afraid of failure like he said at the end of the talk. In addition, his opinion about leadership was also impressive. He considered his coworkers very important, and he respected his team. I learned that not putting limitaion on myself but letting other people do it is an important part of working in a team.

Snow dictionary:

So, you know, here I am now, on the deck of Titanic, sitting in a submersible, and looking out at planks that look much like this, where I knew that the band had played.

  • Definition: If something is submersible, it can go or operate under water.
  • Korean Equivalent: 물속에서 쓸 수 있는, 잠수정
  • Synonym: aquatic, submarine (?)
  • Personal Sentence: Submersible cameras are getting popular between tourists these days.

And even though the film didn’t make any money — barely broke even, I should say — I witnessed something amazing, which is that the audience, the global audience, was mesmerized by this apparent magic.

  • Definition: If you are mesmerized by something, you are so interested in it or so attracted to it that you cannot think about anything else.
  • Korean Equivalent: 최면을 걸듯 마음을 사로잡다, 완전 넋을 빼놓다
  • Synonym: fascinate, enchant
  • Antonym: bore, tire, disgust
  • Personal Sentence: Everyone was mesmerized by the speaker’s fluent speaking.




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