10 best film musics

10. Lost stars (Begin Again, 2014)

Begin Again is a movie about unpopular musician Gretta and a fired producer Dan making their own music that they truly love. Unlike them, Gretta’s ex-boyfriend dave left Gretta because he wanted money and fame. I was very surprised that this song is actually sung by Maroon 5. It is interesting that the lyrics are very poetic and philosophic.

9. My heart will go on (Titanic, 1997)

Titanic is a legendary film by James Cameron, and the film gained the largest number of awards. I remeber when I was in elementary school, I went to a video rental shop with my family. In the televionsion in the shop, the music video of  ‘My heart will go on’ was on. Even though I hadn’t watched Titanic at that time, I was deeply impressed by the song. I can still recall Celin Dion singing this song in the screen. Even if I listened to it for short time, this song stuck really strong on my memory.

8. Let it go (Frozen, 2014)

‘Frozen’ is the film that brought ‘Let it go’ boom all over the world. Literally the whole nations were singing this song at the winter that ‘Frozen’ was released. Even Elsa costume was worn by many children all over the world. A lot of Korean singers posted vidoe of themselves singing ‘Let it go’. There were even invisible competition between them about who sang better. ‘Let it go’ comes out when Elsa left the kingdom and starts to live in her own winter kingdom by herself. She tells how hard time she had, and now she will be free from the world that made her suffer. The lyrics are actually meaningful, but I think I just enjoyed singing after the melody instead of thinking what the song means because it was played almost everywhere.

7. Do you hear the people sing? (Les Miserables, 2013)

Even though Les Miserable’s film music is rated the 7th in my list, the film itself is the most impressive films in my life. I really liked the novel since I was young, and this film perfectly converted the scenes that I had imagined in my mind into vision. The scene that Anne Hathaway sings ‘I dreamed a dream’ made me cry. That is my favorite scene, and my favorite song is ‘Do you hear the people sing?’. It sounds grand and resolute, that I can feel the overflow of emotions of the people involved in the French revolution. The grandness is doubled when this song is sung by hundreds of people.

6. He’s a Pirate (Pirates of the Caribbean)

‘He’s a Pirate’ is a representative soundtrack of the film ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. This song perfectly shows how this movie is dymanic and adverturous. Since it is played by an orchestra, the listeners feel more grand than when it is played by a solo artist. Everytime I listen to this song, the image of Jack sparrow comes up to my mind. Even though this song does not have lyrics, it perfectly draws the image of pirates to the listeners’ minds.

5. Way back into love (Music and Lyrics, 2007)

Everytime I listen to this song, I think how sweet and lovely it is. In the film, the man is the composer and the woman writes the lyrics. So they make a song together. ‘Way back into love’ is the result of their co-work as well as the proof of their love. I also like to watch the music video of this song because they mood when they record this song is very romantic. Among the top 10 best film music list, I think ‘Way back into love’ has the most beautiful lyrics.

4. Reality-Richard Sanderson (La Boum, 1980)

La Boum is a French film about love between many different people. The main love issue in the film is the love between Vic and Matthieu. The famous scene that Matthieu puts on a headset over Vic’s head through the noisy party music is from this movie; the song that comes out from the headset is ‘Reality’. ‘Reality’ is played as many different versions in ‘La Boum’, and it shows the pure and romantic atmosphere between the two kids. They lyrics is about how the the dreamed one has actually become the lover in reality. For Vic, who loved Matthieu with all her heart, this song would have represented her mind very well when she started dating with him.

3. Can’t take my eyes off you (10 things I hate about you, 1999)

In the film, Heath Ledger performs this song in front of Katarina to express his love to her. The relationship between the two people started because of money (Katarina’s sister Bianca’s boyfriend asked Heath Ledger to date Katarina so that her father would let her sister date as well). Despite the unpleasant start, Heath Ledger realizes that he loves her truly, and he gives a performance in front of everyone in the playground. Apart from the flim, this song is one of my favorite songs because of the romantic lyrics and familiar refrain. I love it how Heath Ledger was a mysterious guy who behaved like a freak, he changed so much as he fell in love with Katarina. The performance in front of school students was pretty romantic (lucky that Katarina was not a shy person that she did not feel embarrassed).

2. I have a dream(Mammamia, 2008)

‘I have a dream’ is a special film music because it is a remake of a famous song. This song gained its popularity before it was released because it was a song of ABBA, the best Swedish singing group. Later, ABBA’s soundtracks were inserted into the movie ‘Mammamia’. It is sung by Amanda Seyfried in the film, who perfectly sings it with her clear and beautiful voice. At the end of the movie, Sophie, the main character, decides to step forward for her dream instead of doing what others expect her to do. The lyrics of this song expresses her willingness to go through all the difficulties that she might face. Because of its beautiful and simple melody, I chose it as my performance evaluation song in high school music class, and played it with recorder.

1. All you need is love (Love actually, 2003)

‘All you need is love’ is a song that is often played in television shows when the relationship between two lovers starts. The beginning part of it is very well known by the public; I love the harmony part. It is hard to agree that ‘all we need is love’ but I get the idea that love can do many things for human. I chose this as the best music because listening to this song simply makes me feel so happy and loved.


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