Top 5 posts from my blogging group members’ blogs

1. Top 5 cutest animals in the world from Ji-eun

Although there are heaps of interesting posts in Ji-eun’s blog, I immediately decided to select this post as one of my favorite posts when I saw it. I don’t exactly know why, but since I was a child, I was obsessed with cute things. Everytime I walk past shops selling adorable goods or I see puppies on the road, I can’t take my eyes off them. I especially love the cute photoes of animals that she chose. I want to keep them in my phone gallery!

In addition, it is so tragic that harp seals and red panda are endangered. I also saw a post about the process that people peel the skin of seals and sell them. It was very shocking and cruel. I wish all illegal hunters would realize what inhumane things they are doing, and stop them as soon as possible.

2. Japanese government playing matchmaker from Jenny

This post caught my attention because I used to think of matchmaking as an old and boring way to find a partner. When I was in highschool, my biology teacher told our class that she met her husband through matchmaking. I was shocked; probably because I was too innocent. I thought all marriage should start from natural romance. Of course, I don’t think like that anymore; instead, the role of matchmaker is often essential because some people really need to find their partners, but it can be not that easy in the reality.

In fact, according to Jenny’s post, the government encourages citizens to date and marry in order to increase the low birth rate. I thought marriage is something out of the government’s concern; however,  when I found out that Japanese government is playing a role of matchmaker, it was very impressive. This is a very positive action that a government can take. Korean government should also consider being matchmakers themselves, or bring other solutions in order to solve Korea’s low birth rate problem.

3. Begin again review from Jiseon

 Begin again is not a dynamic film that catches everyone’s eyes, but I loved it so much because of the beautiful story and the songs. The song ‘Lost Starts’ became very popular after this movie was released, and I personally love it so much. Like Jiseon said on her post, the background of the music video in the film was fascinating. It seemed natural and humane that it was even better than a fancy studio.

It was also amazing how music can deliver one’s mind to another. Since I have no talent in music, I do not have experience of communicating my feeling with others through music. Still, I learned how powerful music can be. It can not only break other’s hearts but also heal each other’s broken hearts.

4. 5 best places to visit in Seoul from jenny

This post about nice places to visit in Seoul is actually very helpful for me because I moved to Seoul only 2 months ago, so I don’t know much about good places to visit in Seoul. Jenny’s post gave me a lot of useful information about great places to go on weekends, or after school with my friends.

I have been to Garosugil for the first time on Saturday, and I was impressed by unique shops and restaurants. If I had seen this post before I went there, I probably would have visited the chocolate pizza restaurant. I definitely should try it next time. Furthermore, I haven’t heard of Sangsu-dong before, but I found out that there are many quiet and comfortable cafes there. When I want to take a rest by myself in somewhere quiet, I should go to Sangsu-dong cafe.

5. Misbehaving students punished with Mozart from Peter

Punishing students with music is an intersesting idea. For Peter once told us about music torture to us during classtime, I read this post carefully. I agree with Peter’s idea that Mr. Walker is a caring teacher. He chose to broaden the musical knowledge of students instead of scolding them when they mishaved. The more focuse should be on the teacher’s effort than how the detention was done.

In fact, the music torture of the CIA is more intersting than the main article. If I was to be grounded in a room and listen to the same music for 24 hours, I probably would have gained some mental disorder. The music torture is appropriate since it does not hurt the prisoners physically, but it gives huge stress to them at the same time; furthermore, It doesn’t cost for any tools or chemicals.


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